17th May 2018

3.1 Exam Paper- King Lear

It is the way that characters change in a text that makes it worth reading

A text that is worth reading makes you think about yourself, and the society around you. The people that surround you and the routines that you follow in society shape who you are as a person and what you believe in. A good text makes you look outside our bubble and think about the wider world and make critical comparisons between you and the character. As you read a good text your perception begins to change and so does the character in the text. The changes characters experience during the text makes the text worth reading. A character that experiences a change in the text is King Lear. As the text proceeds, Lear begins to descend into insanity. King Lear is stood above everyone in the great chain of being and this is obvious at the beginning of the text but as it proceeds and the people around him overpower him and aren’t afraid of him. He is looked down upon even though he is still King. This change to Lear’s superiority makes him realise how trapped he was in his own world and his separation from his daughters opens his eyes to new, less fortunate people. This experience drives Lear to insanity. This change that Lear experiences during the text show’s how trapped we are in the society we live in. We develop a connection with Lear as the text concludes and the audience is able to relate to him and his journey. As we experience hardship in life we notice the people around us who are worthwhile and we discover our unfiltered selves. As the audience, we are able to relate to Lear and question our own belonging to the society we live in. Because Lear’s development makes the audience think about ourselves and the society around us it is a text worth reading.

Another character that changes in the text is Edgar. As the reader, we form ideas about the character as the book proceeds. From Edmunds evil we automatically see Edgar as good, however, his charcater is never fully developed, we only connect with poor Tom. It is easy for us to make assumptions about Edgar because of what we don’t know. Edgar is kept in the dark until the conclusion of the text. Because of this hidden character development, we as the reader are captivated by his life and the story becomes worth reading. It is easy to make assumptions about people from the little that we know and the vast information that we don’t know.

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