14th August 2017

Logical Fallacy’s

The Common Man


We, together as a class, are a group of school students. Aged between 16 and 17, all we want is freedom and in a school this freedom will be given to us best by having no compulsory NCEA subjects. Why do we have to be limited by the subjects we have to chose, I know that none of us like all of the subjects we take. Why? Because we are told that science and maths are essential if we want to be successful but those subjects narrow down our career choices. Inventing, fiction writing and filmmaking. Thomas Edison, J.K Rowling and Steven Spielberg. All of these people are successful and yet none of the subjects I listed above are taught in school, how are we supposed to follow in the footsteps of Thomas Edison if we’ve never learnt about the history and theory behind inventing. Theses subjects are only a small snippet of a large, boring curriculum that us Year 12’s have to abide by. It only makes sense that we can choose whatever subjects we like and I know you, my fellow classmates, must agree.



How could you be so narrow minded, stop trying to blame anything and everything, everyones moved on, so why are you still dwelling on the major feminist movements. Work out a way to the top instead of complaining about being at the bottom.




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